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About 3 weeks ago, I had a really freaky dream. I was wearing my blue sweatshirt with the hood pulled over my head. I was trying to sneak into the ballgame. target=_top href=/motor@shrimpmeat.net/ballgame/100_0329.vhtml> The stadium in San Francisco is down by the bay (featured above!). I was walking around the back and suddenly I was on the outfield. THe field was a lot smaller than it looks on TV. I stood still, and then snuck out again: I wanted to sneak into the seating area. Behind the stadium, I realized it was on rocky bluffs above the bay. I began scampering across the rocks. A tunnel lead me into a cavern within the cliffs. Walking around, I found a room with acolyte type robes. Suddenly, I knew I was in a cult den! In the distance, I could see people walking around with robes on. I hurried to the exit of the cave. A diesel bus was idling. It looked just like a MUNI bus, but all the destinations and ads were written in Koren. You know those lines with circles under them and such. I got on the bus, and before I knew it the bus was full and traveling out of the city. We were all destined to the Cult Headquarter to be sacrificed. I paniced and jumped out of the bus's back door as we slowed on a curve. A farmhouse with a rickity wooden fence was near me. I ran to the house seeking shelter. I was let in, but then, through a plate glass window in the living room, I saw a massive temple! I was in cult headquarters. A woman with a robe lead me to another room. She was an exgirlfriend who said she was now the leader of this cult. Yes, the others in the bus were to be slain, but I could go if I left now, before other leaders showed up. I ran.

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